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Dress Code

Let us all remember that we are in the presence of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and in the
House of God, Almighty. Holy Mass, and other Sacred Services in the Chapel, are never a casual occasion, and therefore casual attire is not appropriate. Please review the guidelines listed below:


●   Women and girls must have their heads covered. Chapel veils or mantillas are available in the  

      back of the Chapel.

   Slacks, short skirts (those which do not extend well below the knees), shorts, and sleeveless or 

      revealing clothing are forbidden.

   Suggested dress for men is coat and tie. T-shirts, collar-less shirts, and other forms of casual 

     dress are inappropriate.

   Earrings on men are inappropriate, as well as other types of “piercing” or “body jewelry” on   

      any person.


Rather than having to monitor the dress of the faithful, the Clergy would ask that the faithful monitor themselves and dress appropriately. Modernism has led many to erroneously believe that how they dress should not matter; however, Sacred Scripture, Church Law and modesty speak contrarily. Lastly, if one should see a person, especially a visitor or newcomer, who is dressed inappropriately, please advise the clergy: do not attempt to correct another person yourself.