Saint Francis of Assisi:  Pray For Us!
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About Us

Oratory History

The Oratory Chapel of Saint Francis of Assisi was established 4 October 1997 (the Feast of Saint Francis) to fulfill the spiritual desires of the faithful who desired the Traditional Latin Mass, Sacraments and Faith. Because there was no place in the San Fernando Valley for the faithful to attend daily Mass, as well as receive all the Sacraments, the clergy of the Priestly Society of Christ the King (SSCR) eagerly took up the challenge and began their Apostolate in Southern California.


In the years since its founding, the small but faithful parish family has grown in number and sanctity. Annual retreats during Advent and Lent, as well as Processions, the Forty Hour Devotion and special lectures on the Faith, have become a hallmark of this Chapel. Frequent adult Baptisms and Confirmations are also a sign of God’s favour.

His Excellency, the Most Reverend Lord, Monsignor Thomas JF Sebastian

Born in 1963 and educated in Los Angeles, CA, His Excellency was Consecrated a Catholic Bishop at Ashford Kent, Great Britain in 1997. For over fifteen years he has been the Pastor of Saint Francis as well as maintained a modest Apostolate in several states, Canada and Europe.

Reverend Father Matthew P. Howard

Ordained by His Lordship Monsignor Sebastian in 1998, Father Howard has been the Curate of Saint Francis for several years. He has also served as Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Fort Worth, TX, and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament in Silver Springs, NV.